100 Gifts


My current project is to send 100 works of art as gifts to 100 recipients, some in the art world, some just ordinary folks who don’t or can’t afford to buy art. Tracking what happens to it.

Exploring “without compensation” - when is art a commodity? Should it be available to anyone, everyone, freely? Is it devalued if given away?

Exploring my own vulnerability at sending my work into the world - will it be accepted or rejected? Can I let it go without a return of any kind? Without ego, without fear?

Most of us started making art for the sake of making art. Other motives were added along the way, cutting into the original reasons. Sending work into the world adds that other layer of motive, wanting a return. Can an artist send work out without those motives? What happens then?

Tracking:   100 Gifts sent as of 8/11/2017

Results as of 9/3/17:  34 cards returned, 9 thank-you notes, 11 pictures, 3 stories, many emails, IMs, 1 painting, 1 CD, tour of KPPC, 3 pieces sent back (continuing to track)

2 responses to questions about art (Peter Frank, #13, Pat Parsons, #83)



GIFT:  something voluntarily transferred from one to another without compensation.