Light Rooms


These are site-specific installations, often titled by location, in which images of light are depicted as the actual light moves across spaces.  The images are shaped by architectural elements such as doors and windows, or by architectural fragments, such as columns and walls.  An example is "49 Geary", made at Brian Gross Fine Art in San Francisco.  Light passes through the windows of the gallery, and is noted in light grey carpet inlaid into the dark grey carpet.  Each day, the actual light would recross these notations, but in a slightly different place, as the earth's and sun's relative positions changed.  Although this was a temporary piece, made in carpet, these pieces lend themselves to installations made in many other materials, such as paint, tile, brick, and stone. 

“Feb 30” - Materials:  paint, floor, walls, windows, approximately  800 square feet, 2004, Dangerous Curve, LA

This is the first installation based upon fictitious light.  The space had a northern exposure, which did not permit any light to enter during May - hence the name, "February 30", a fictitious day.  But the image of the light was painted on the floor in 3 colors, creating intricate patterns as they overlaid each other.  This work is clearly connected to the drawings.